about coverI’ve created this space as an outlet for my creative brain and busy body to come together. Or at least try to…

I’ve been all over the internet crafting and connecting with foodies and fitness folks alike, but never even considered documenting all my ideas and hobbies in one single place. Imagine! So, now that I’m doing it, how did I get here?

I have been working for the same corporation since I graduated college. While I have changed locations, bosses, titles and teams, it is still a bit too stable for someone who thrives on variety (me!). My current role is a blessing, in that I work from home a few days a week and still get to commute to my city (Philadelphia) the other days. My job, however, does not use up very much of my creative energy, which can tend to leave me frustrated and anxious. If you’re a creative soul, I’m sure you can relate.

While I would someday love to preach the “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” mantra, let’s be real. Maybe I don’t do what I love, but I sure do love paying my bills. Thanks, less than perfect job…you’re good for something. So what to do when your job isn’t your dream? Make the rest of your life RULE; which I intend to document and share with you on this site.

As I grow, I have realized that my many hobbies all have a common thread – Creating. I love to create:

about create bodyBODY: I have always been active, but I didn’t find my passion in fitness until I started working out at home. My daily workout is one of my favorite parts of my day. I love the energy and the feeling pushing your body gives you, and while I don’t mind the physical results,  the mental strength and confidence that comes from challenging yourself to be better is priceless. Health and wellness is a HUGE part of my life. It is what gives me drive to do, see, taste, try, be MORE.

craft showabout create thingsTHINGS: Anything DIY or crafty, I’m into giving it a shot. Not always successful, but always ambitious; my craft room is full of supplies for anything I decide I have to try at the moment. Lately, I have had success with creating wonderful personalized and humorous bodysuits for babies. I have a lot of little ones in my life that served as inspiration, but I have found so much JOY in sharing in my customers’ moments as well. It fills my heart to be a part of your lives; truly, thank you for the opportunity. I am always adding new items to my shop on a whim and have come to love this outlet to share and connect with others.

about create foodFOOD: I have always been a foodie and am so pleased to live in a time where food and flavors are so celebrated. There are so many ways to explore global and local flavors these days, we are so lucky to be able to taste the world without even leaving your town (although I highly recommend leaving and tasting. Do it). I have learned to enjoy food as an art and not feel guilty for indulging, as well as to view it as fuel for my body. Finding the balance between the two is so important to me. Creating food is about creating memories.


about create lifeLIFE: Crafting, tasting, traveling, challenging myself….all of these things add up to me being responsible for creating my JOY, my LIFE. When your last day is done, I hope you can say “I did it all.” I certainly intend to!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to get to know me. I’d certainly love to get to know you! Please send me a message to just say hi or to chat about something that we both dig.


(Most of my photos on this blog are from my own travels, but a few of my most cherished photos of all time are from Jeff Benzon Photography. The dude is awesome & you should check out his work. Thanks Jeff!)