Free Facebook Wellness Workshops for 2018

A new year is approaching!! While I don’t make new year’s resolutions, I do encourage a fresh mindset & I’m looking to help where I can! I’m wrapping up 2017 with the completion of a health coaching certification that I’ve been working towards for quite some time now & I’m very excited to lend a hand with YOUR wellness in 2018.

I am going to be hosting FREE weekly workshops on Facebook to share information, point to trusted resources, and help uncover issues and solutions that can help you reach your wellness goals. I want to make sure I’m focusing on information that most people are interested in – so please share your opinion with me!

Which topic would you be interested in participating in, or feel free to write in something you’ve been struggling with (sleep issues, gut health, hormone balancing, supplementation, fertility, gluten free, cutting sugar, quitting caffeine, finding a functional doctor….anything!!)?

If you’d like a link to whichever group we decide to run first – just enter your email and I’ll send you a heads up before we get started.  Have a happy & healthy new year!

What do you think?