1. Mat weldon

    Excellent review, well put together. I’m two days into intermittent fasting and would love to hear your findings. Keep up the good work.?

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Hi Mat! Thanks for swinging by…are you doing Max 30 now? I’ve been doing the fasting since I wrote this…love it! Good luck!

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Awesome, Billy! Those are the perfect feelings to have 🙂 At one point Shaun T tells you DO NOT BE AFRAID & that stuck with me…push yourself, results are yours!

  2. shagar black


    Currently , I have completed 1 Month 2 Weeks of Insanity Max 30. But, I have not seen that much result till now. Suppose, At the end of this 2nd month . I didn’t achieve my goals . What should i do ? Should i continue my 2nd Month workout again or I have to start it from 1st Month. ?? Do really people get better result in just 2 months ??

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Hi there! Sorry to hear you don’t feel successful at this point…that’s not very motivating! How are you measuring your goals (scale, pictures, etc)? How is your nutrition? Glad to chat about how to change things up for more success, just shoot me a message! 🙂

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