1. Marie

    Wow! That result is amazing–the blurb you wrote above didn’t sound like much of anything changed. Then the pics. Damn, lady! You look cut out of granite. This is inspiring because I am on my first week and really want results. Time to get beastie.

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Aw thanks! Week 1 is so exciting! Follow the calendar and eat well, nothing else to think about! Have fun!

  2. Mallory

    Hey there! I have been doing cardio heavy programs like insanity, and I’m ready to lean out and do a more weight focused program. I feel I’m not seeing my body change as much now, and adding in more weight lifting focused programs will help. I’m stuck between wanting to try body beast, les mills pump, or hammer and chisel. Do you have any recommendations? I last finished insanity.

  3. Debby


    I will be starting the lean program of body beast. My concern is that I don’t want huge or bulky legs. i just want them shaped, tight and toned. Should I do high weights to get to failure or low weights and not to get to failure?

  4. Hey! I’m about to start Body Beast tomorrow and I’m freaked out by the eating plan. I’ve done 21 day fix before and I’ve been sticking to that diet most days. My stats are 114 lb, 5’3″, and 18.08% body fat so I’m scared of eating 9 servings of carbs and less proteins than normal. Should I do the lean eating program or stick to my 21 day fix eating? I do want to gain muscle mass.

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Hey Meghan! I agree, the Body Beast meal plan is terrifying. I didn’t stick to it and I got the results I was going for. You should definitely eat more than 21 Day Fix, but I don’t think you need to follow the BB plan to get results. I would recommend jumping up a calorie bracket, or even 2, on the Fix plan and see how you feel & perform. Good luck!

  5. Amy

    this is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. I plan on starting Beast next week, however did not want to do the meal plan, because I LOVE the fix meal plan.

    I would love to pick your brain. Your results were amazing and I would be beyond thrilled if I go those results.

    I am in maintenance mode and follow plan B loosely…75-80% of the time. Do you think I would be safe to stick with that? I don’t really want to put on the “weight” they talk about having to do to build muscle.

    Did you follow the same meal plan for all 12 weeks, or cut your calories the last 4 weeks like they recommend?

    I cant wait to hear back from you!!

    Amy 🙂

    • annie.conklin726@yahoo.com

      Hey Amy! Thanks for sending a note! What are your goals for Body Beast? I don’t really stick to the 21 Day Fix plan much anymore – but you should focus on eating plenty, on resting plenty, and be flexible as you go. It’s a long program and there is time to make adjustments. I didn’t cut in the last 4 weeks but I bet it helps a lot with results! Good luck!

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