1. Nancy

    Hi! Thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading your commentary. I started this program for similar reasons. I was about to start Max 30 and decided on this program. I have done many of the beach body programs over the years.

    I was in very good shape in December both cardiovascular and physically and was feeling pretty decent about how I looked. As life goes some challenges, poor diet and WELLA back to feeling crappy and all hard work (which I love ) seemed to disappear. Here is a quick question in have for you. I am training right now for the Boston marathon and have always done a program when I train for it. But being a bit out of shape (extra 10 pounds) I’m feeling it with this program. I literally am sore walking and if I have to bend to pick something up …. Well let’s just say … Hello Autumn!

    I’m psyched because I am only on day 4 and to feel this way means I will see results (down 3-4 lbs). However I am sooooo sore and I am trying not to compromise, as much as possible, with my long runs. I wish I was doing this program stand alone – but too late – I needed and wanted quick results and I’m strong minded so I can do this ( and realize it may impact my best results but the leaner me will help with running lighter and my self confidence regarding appearance)!!

    So one of my questions is which DVD would you consider the easiest to pair with a day I have a long run meaning anything 10- 20 miles. The miles are starting to build now and today I have 16 which in deciding whether to do it today or tomorrow. I started the workouts with Pilates the third DVD because i thought yoga may be a good one to do with long runs. Any suggestions ?

    Also when you did the competition diet, which I am as well did you do regular diet two days/week?

    And on the competition diet – you don’t have to do her same with cod and broccoli/asparagus right? I did that the first day and realized my least favorite veggies. And I did substitute one red for shakeology and do more eggs than fish. Any thoughts???? Oh yeah and i mix shakeology with water.

    Look forward to your response and enjoyed reading your comments. This is actually the first time I read someone’s blog – I’m usually the one giving my friends advice.

    • Hi Nancy! I totally admire your commitment to going hard by training for the marathon AND doing 21DFX! That’s so intense, I love a motivated lady. I would recommend a few things:
      >Yoga or Pilates are definitely the best workouts to pair with your running days, and I would probably say if you do the Pilates to skip the resistance band or make sure you are using a light one. That will kill your legs! Might consider Upper fix too, but really ALL the workouts use those legs (she LOVES to kill the legs!)
      >You might need more calories than the competition diet is giving you on the days you do 21DFX & run all those miles. I might snag a carb (yellow or purple) before your run just to give you enough energy to get through. I saw somewhere that if Autumn feels sluggish she will have a few apple slices then go kill her workout. A FEW APPLE SLICES, sheesh 😉
      >But you seem pretty determined and I don’t want to tell you to slow down if you feel good. So 2 things to help with the soreness. First, foam roller. I love mine and it helps release that part of your butt that is crying every time you walk up the stairs. You can snag one anywhere really (Walmart, etc) and look up some moves on YouTube. Life saver. And also, if you do feel comfortable adding an extra carb, I HIGHLY recommend P90X Results and Recovery formula from Beachbody. I am not using it now and I can tell a significant difference in my level of soreness than when I do use it. The nutrition guide says 1-2 times a week you can replace a yellow with a serving of R&R.

      Ok, so there’s my two cents. But really most importantly, listen to your body. There is a fine line between pushing to your max and pushing too far (I totally understand that struggle). I’m glad you stopped by, please stay in touch! Good luck training!

  2. Also, I am doing the regular diet every 2 days and it has made my morning oatmeal into a DREAM COME TRUE. You definitely don’t have to eat cod and broccoli every day, I’d go insane. The key to keeping the fix doable is variety. I eat all my normal proteins (chicken, shrimp, fish) and whatever veggies are looking good or let’s be real..in my cabinet, haha. Cod and broccoli every day might be worth it if you are actually competing, but we are still normal humans!

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